No architectural project is too small to benefit from imaginative design. Each and every project is unique and significant but that does not mean it must be ostentatious or wildly unusual. 

My task is to creatively solve design challenges.  An aesthetic challenge - it's awful!  A spatial challenge - no place for my piano!  A functional challenge - it's not working!  A dynamic challenge - my family is growing!   In the process I endeavor to create something handsome, useful, and timeless.

My goals include designing responsibly by respecting the environment and selecting materials that are honest and sustainable.  I strive to understand my clients' needs beyond their expressed requirements to arrive at a design solution that incorporates both the personal and universal.  I pay attention to the site, the sun, the views, and the garden.  I observe how my client and their family behave at home and how they have arranged their possessions.  I ask important questions and listen carefully to the answers.  I investigate the environs and context, the codes and rules, and the historic style and precedents so that the finished project becomes a welcome neighbor.

Together, we will define the goals and expectations for your project, whether it is a new home, a renovation or addition, or simply a new kitchen or bathroom.  Good ideas are revealed and discovered along the way.  Some ideas are qualitative, like the opportunity to capture early morning light at your kitchen table.  Some just make good sense, like making sure a window faces the school bus stop.  

After design, drawings, and specifications are completed, I am your advocate during pricing and construction.  I answer questions, handle surprises and changes, and observe the contractor's work.  I am also a licensed interior designer, designing custom cabinetry, kitchens and bathrooms, and selecting appropriate fixtures and finishes.  

I invite you to give me a call or send me an email to schedule a meeting.